Royal Siblings' Rift: The Princes Were Barely 'On Speaking Terms' In The Past. What Was The Reason?

January 15, 2019

Prince Harry and Prince William are seemingly close to each other, sharing a special bond throughout a lifespan. The two genuinely understand the core value of sibling love and have never shown any feuds between each other in public. 


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Fun-loving Harry and charismatic William are different people, though they have lots in common: from competitive sports activities to undeniable love for charity work. 


Moreover, the pain over their mother's loss had united and brought them closer so that the two royal brothers managed to create something marvelous between each other. 

The rift in the past 

Indeed, we see royal life on the surface, but we don't really know what is going on deeply under the water. While everybody envies the special bond of two royal siblings, Prince Harry and Prince William were on the rocks. 


In the 2010 book 'William and Harry', a royal biographer Katie Nicholl revealed the Dukes hadn't always been 'eye-to-eye'. Harry's past was rough when he was a partying type bad boy. In 2002, a father-to-be was caught drinking and smoking marijuana in the pub. Though he managed to escape the police warning, this situation put a speck of dirt on the British Monarchy. 


Prince Harry felt like he had been blamed for everything, whereas his elder brother 'got away scot-free'. The two were barely on speaking terms, and the situation was close to vanishing. 


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Amid the serious rift between two princes, they managed to get on well after a while, and Harry forgave William because it wasn't the fault of his behavior and life struggles. 

Another feud? 

The past few months have been a bit harsh for royal Fab Four. Alleged feud between Meghan and Catherine was spanning all over the globe, but it seems like the new rift is running in the monarchy. 


While Duke and Duchess of Sussex are preparing for a major relocation to welcome their first child, Prince William seems to have strained strings for his sister-in-law. All rumors ensued when Prince William evidently ignored Meghan on Christmas Church Service. And these gossips are still on. 

All we wish for is peace between them. We truly hope that all these gossips are nothing but speculations for attention, and 'Fab Four' will lose these strained strings to be joyous with each other. 

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