Tom Cruise Inherited His Remarkable Appearance From His Mom, Who Was Extremely Close To Him

January 29, 2019

We often look at famous and successful people thinking they 'must have been lucky' to get all the treasures in life. However, as the practice shows, such people have gone through a lot to be where they are now. One of such people is Tom Cruise. He is now one of the most popular, hottest, and coolest man alive, but his childhood was tough. His father was abusive, and all his family lived in near poverty. 

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Thankfully, destiny has own plans for him, and the Mission Impossible star has become one of the most recognizable people in the entire world. 

Who is Cruise's mother? 

Indeed, Tom didn't have the best father, but he's extremely close to his mama, Mary Lee Pfeiffer. She was a special education teacher. Maybe such bond made Cruise be a better dad for own kids

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Mary wasn't lucky with her first marriage due to constant bullying and abuse so that she divorced with Cruise's dad and remarried later. Nevertheless, she was extremely close to her son, apart from sharing the same appearance.

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In fact, it was Mary Lee who worked her guts out to make ends meet since her abusive husband didn't help the family. Being close to complete poverty, Tom's mother tried to do anything not to reach this redpoint.

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They both attended most of his movie premieres and other public occasions. The proud mother has on several occasions been referred to as the rock in her son’s life.


Ruefully, Mary Lee Pfeiffer passed away in her sleep at the age 80 after a long illness in February 2017. Cruise and his 3 sisters were at her service held at the local Church of Scientology.

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Basically, the closest people to Tom Cruise are his sisters since the father has never been beside him and mother died almost 2 years ago. Anywise, hopefully, he'll continue being strong. 

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