Meghan's Nephew, Tyler Doodley, Slams Her For Turning Their Family Into 'A National Embarrassment'

November 26, 2018

Tyler Markle aka Dooley, 26, shamelessly used his 'dear' aunt, Meghan's popularity to appear on the TV.

Inside Edition / YouTube

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The Duchess's cannabis-growing nephew starred in the MTV reality show titled The Royal World. So, how did he manage to be there? Very, very simply: thanks to Meghan Markle. 

In a trailer for the series, Tyler was asked how he is connected to royalty, to which he answered: “because of my aunty Meghan,” before admitting he didn’t watch her royal wedding.

Slamming is still on

Apart from other Markle's relatives, primarily her half-sister Samantha and own father Thomas, Tyler also decided to slam Meghan without any apparent reason.

Dooley said that Meghan caused 'a national embarrassment' to the whole family after not inviting them to the wedding. Oh gosh, it has been more than 6 months, guys, are you still on this page? 

Cannabis farmer also conceded that he had used to look up to Meghan as his 'sister', but has no longer warm feelings to her. 

We used to be close. The problem is that I used to view her as a sister. She was everything to, and it has been rough the last few years for us.


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Besides, Meghan's nephew stated that she should be 'proud of own family' and don't embarrass them all over again.

I love my aunt, and she should be proud of where she came from and her family.

It seems like he can't decide what he actually feels to her. One day he says he's proud of his aunt; the other day - he criticizes her. So, pick up the side already! 

Reactions of people

Which family would slam own flesh and bone? Once Meghan Markle stepped in the royal family, all her previous 'friends', colleagues, and family members started dishing the dirt about her. Ugh, enough!

Well, the good side is that the Royal family and lots of fans are here for Meghan Markle after such statements! 

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