Viola Davis Bares Her Heart About The Answered Prayer To God About Meeting The Right Man

December 6, 2018

A beautiful couple, actress Viola Davis and actor Julius Tennon, celebrated their 15th anniversary. 


The Help star posted her emotional and romantic congratulations via Instagram capturing: 

The best 15 years of my life! You are my heart. Happy Anniversary!!! 

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This marriage is the second for Tennon, and thus Viola is a stepmother to his son and daughter from the first official relationship. 


It seems like Viola Davis is head over heels with her husband, even after 15 years of being together side by side. According to the interview, Oscar-winning actress confessed that she had been lonely all her life, and thus, she turned to the prayer to find Mister Right.

Davis told that she had prayed for "a big black man" who would look like a football player, and even had been married before and had kids.


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Surprisingly, 3 1/2 weeks later, the actress was lucky to meet her Julius. He was a former football player, married before, and now has 2 children. 

Well, we guess that God always answers prayers if they are right for you. If it's your destiny, God will always help, and that's what Davis believes in. 


In 2011, Viola Davis and Julius Tennon decided to adopt an infant daughter, Genesis. There are no details on why the couple couldn't have own children, but they are so happy with their first mutual daughter. 

The Emmy-winning celebrity always posts photos of her daughter via Instagram and says only lovely, warm, beautiful words about her and family overall. 

Well, we guess we all should pray for what we would like to have, and if it is meant to be ours, God will undoubtedly grant us. 

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