Conspiracy Theory Claims Kate Middleton Uses Her Hair To Distract Public From Announcing Her Pregnancy


April 17, 2019 17:54 By Fabiosa

Some conspiracy theories are really petulant. Like the theory that Elvis Presley is alive, or that Kate Middleton didn't give birth to any of her 3 children, or that Meghan Markle is faking her first pregnancy.

All these points are so far from the truth, and thus, it's really weird how people can even make up such stories.

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There's a very insane conspiracy theory claiming that Duchess Catherine uses her voluminous and gorgeous hair to distract the world from the main news – her pregnancy. 

The political reporter for London Evening Standard Kate Proctor voiced this theory on Twitter, saying that the Duchess changes her hairstyle every time she's about to announce childbearing. 

That's how this crazy conspiracy theory works: Kate Middleton trades her bouncy locks and signature blow-out for a new haircut, presumably to draw all social media's attention to her gorgeous head of hair. Then, several months later, the official pregnancy news is lashed out. 

For instance, the first photo is made in September 2012, and the second – in November 2012. Kate is pregnant with Prince George there.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Another example is June 2017 and July 2017, during Kate's pregnancy with Prince Louis. The Duchess had beautiful long hair and then, transformed them into shoulder-length glamorous locks.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Getty Images / Ideal Image

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Btw, the same happened to Meghan Markle since royal fans noticed the same thing of changing hairdos regarding pregnancy. 

But let's admit, Kate's hair is really stunning

What is actually her secret? According to some hairdressers, Duchesse's hair is surely great by nature, but she uses very little products to keep her locks bouncy, shiny, and healthy. 

Particularly, its Elnett's Supreme Hold Hairspray and Charles Worthington's Volume and Bounce range. Also, she reportedly uses a bit of a light spritz of an anti-humidity or a shine spray not to make hair greasy and hair. Voilà!

So what do you think? Crazy Internet theory or canny follicular manipulation?

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