After A Wheelchair Binding Stroke At 66, Tim Curry Didn't Give Up And Keeps Busy Despite Physical Challenges

July 22, 2019 15:50

Tim Curry was once one of Hollywood's most inspiring and energetic performers. Who could forget his explosive role in a musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) or the chilling portrayal of Pennywise the clown in Steven King's It (1990)?

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After the 90s, however, Tim Curry started to slowly disappear from the spotlight. He was favoring stage work and continued to shine on Broadway, but that was until a wheelchair binding stroke in 2012.

At the time, Curry was 66 years old and with no family as the actor never married and had no children. Nevertheless, he was able to persevere and didn't give up on himself despite the challenging condition.

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Where is Tim Curry now?

Tim Curry is over 70 years old now, and although he will forever be bound to a wheelchair, his spirit is very strong and full of energy. Curry is still able to perform and in 2017 even appeared on Broadway to deliver a magnificent guest performance.

In addition, Curry's career amassed numerous fans, who still admire his performances and dream of meeting their idol. So Tim is giving back to his admirers by appearing at expos and Comic Cons, sharing his experience and memories of working on cult classics.

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But fans aren't the only ones who still remember Tim Curry. In 2015, the legendary actor was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Actors Fund Tony Awards Viewing Party, which he was able to attend.

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Curry's former co-star Aileen Quinn was able to catch up with him and admired his state of mind:

The fact that he even came out that night to receive the award says a lot. He’s fighting the good fight. He’s hanging in there.

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Despite having to overcome a terrible tragedy all on his own, Tim Curry emerged victorious owing to his incredible spirit and unyielding determination.