Gasp! Melania Trump Broke The 'No-White Before Memorial Day' Protocol With Her Recent Outfit

Melania Trump just launched her first political initiative - 'Be Best'. The First Lady's campaign focuses on providing children with necessary tools and informative in order for them to pursue proper social, physical, and emotional responsibility.


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President of the United States was there to mark the launch of his wife's initiative and show support to Melania.


In order to celebrate 'Be Best' campaign and make a memorable entrance, Melania went with a very bold outfit choice.

Breaking the rules

As you can see from the photos, Melania was wearing a white pencil skirt paired with matching Christian Louboutin pumps. It's a big no-no in a fashion community to sport white clothing before Memorial Day, but no one seemed to have warned the FLOTUS about this rule.

The White House / YouTube

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The First Lady is known for making statements with her outfits, and this time was no exception. In addition to the sparkling white bottom of her ensemble, Melania put on a Ralph Lauren caramel leather jacket. The cost of the top was a whopping $6,000. 

Despite a risky rule-breaking outfit, we gotta admit, Melania looked stunning.

Why no white before Memorial Day?

So, what's up with this rule anyway? Well, traditionally, wealthy people held off on wearing white before the summer due to high temperature and dark clothing being associated with the working class. This idea transferred to general masses in the middle of 20th century, and it has been abided by since.

We say, if it looks good on you, rock it no matter the society standards!

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Melania Trump