Jamie Lee Curtis Shares A Rare Photo With Her Husband Christopher And Their Two Adopted Children Along With A Sweet Message

October 19, 2018

Jamie Lee Curtis has been married to Christopher Guest for 34 years now. They had the most unusual beginning of their relationship. In 1984, Jamie Lee saw Christopher's photo on the cover of Rolling Stone and instantly knew he was the one.


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Curtis reached out to Guest's agent, but had a hard time contacting the This Is Spinal Tap (1984) star directly. Finally, he agreed to go out to dinner with her, and 5 months later, they were married.


The couple keeps to themselves, which is, partially, the reason for their successful marriage. So it's always special when we get to see Jamie Lee and Christopher out in public with their children.

The rare look at the beautiful family

In honor of Halloween (2018) movie release, Jamie Lee's family gathered together to celebrate her new film, as well as commemorate the 40th anniversary of her debut on the big screen in the original 1978 horror.

The 59-year-old actress shared a photo with her loved ones along with a touching message:

The most important part of my work is the people I get to come home from that work to. My daughter, Annie, my son, Tom, and my husband, Christopher, offered me love and support last night, and I am so lucky to call them mine. 

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Don't they look lovely together?

Jamie Lee's children are actually adopted

Shortly after getting married, Curtis and Guest adopted their daughter, Annie, who was born in 1986.


But Jamie Lee's family felt incomplete, and so they also adopted Thomas, who is 10 years younger than his sibling.


We loved seeing them together again, they make a wonderful family! 

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