Who Are Meryl Streep's 4 Children? They Are All Blessed With Their Mom's Beauty And Talent

November 15, 2018

Meryl Streep managed to build a big and strong family while tirelessly working in Hollywood and earning herself an icon status.


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One of the greatest actresses of our time has been married to Don Gummer since 1978, and they're still going strong. The couple shares four children: Their son Henry born in 1979, and daughters Mamie, Grace, and Louisa born in 1983, 1986, and 1991 respectively.


Streep's talent was so overwhelming that she passed it on to every single one of her children. Let's find out more about the legend's gifted offspring.

Who are Meryl's four children?

The only son and the oldest of Meryl's children, Henry, chose a bit different path from his mother's and got into music. He has his own band and is one of LA's most-watched artists. Unfortunately, Henry is often overshadowed by his sisters, who are currently taking over Hollywood and dazzling the public with their beauty, which they fully inherited from their famous mother.


Meryl's oldest daughter, Mamie, can boast a TV series Emily Owens M.D., in which she played a title character. She also occasionally appeared on the hit show The Good Wife and starred alongside Meryl in Ricki And The Flash (2015).


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The second daughter on our radar is Grace, and she might be the most successful of her siblings. Grace has racked up a sizable filmography such films as Larry Crowne (2011) and Frances Ha (2012). She also makes frequent appearances in such TV series as Mr. Robot and American Horror Story.


The youngest of Gummer siblings is a bit different from her sisters. Louisa decided against acting in favor of becoming a model. She's signed with one of the best modeling agencies in the world and has already graced the covers of Vanity Fair and Glamour with her beauty.


Meryl's children are undoubtedly talented and remind us so much of their mother. But what does she thinks about most of her kids going into show business? According to Streep:

I am proud that my daughters want to do this. But I am also frightened for them, too. Because when criticism comes your way as an actor they are not criticizing your writing or your painting or your piece, they are criticizing you! It is hard to put that away in a place where you are not hurt by it and that is my fear for them. But I would never say don't do it, because I think it is a glorious profession and I am so thankful for everything it has let me express.

Fighting her way towards the perfect family

Interestingly, before marrying Don Gummer, Meryl was deeply in love with her The Deer Hunter (1978) co-star John Cazale. The famous actress thought they would spend the rest of their lives together, but her heart was shattered when he died of lung cancer in 1978.


Fortunately, Streep was blessed to meet Gummer shortly after Cazale's death. Don healed Meryl's wounds and together they were able to create a beautiful family.

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