Is It Too Far? Royal Editor Bluntly Calls Harry An "Idiot" In The Shadow Of William In A New Documentary

November 7, 2018 15:22

After Princess Diana's untimely passing, devastated brothers William and Harry created a special bond to deal with their loss. Duke of Cambridge had to step up as the big brother and support vulnerable Harry, who seemingly had a much harder time moving on from the tragedy.


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Today, they are a close family and best friends, but people still like to speculate about which one of them is more suited to be a king. One royal expert explained how Duke of Sussex must feel in his role as a once-rebellious little brother.

"Idiot" in the shadow of his brother

A new documentary about royal siblings William and Harry: Brothers in Arms explores what it's like for Prince Harry to be in the shadow of his older brother, who's considered to be the most suited to take over the throne one day.


Royal editor Ingrid Seward even went as far as to identify a brand for Prince Harry, whom she bluntly called an "idiot," Daily Mail reports:

You sort of had the three Harry’s, really. The sensitive little boy, the fighting man, and the idiot. And I think people love him for all three of those things.

Of course, Ingrid explained that it's what we all love about Harry, but maybe she could've put it more gently. She went on to say that most women gush about how handsome Harry is, while sometimes overlooking his professional achievements.


The documentary also points out that for a long time Harry was going through his rebellious phase, which didn't help his image today.

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Nevertheless, being President of the Commonwealth Trust and Personal Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty speaks volumes of the Duke's professionalism.

Princess Diana thought differently

William and Harry's mom actually thought that it's her youngest son that would've made the best king. Diana believed that Harry knows how to enjoy life, while William takes on the more serious roles, but that's where he kind of fails.


Then again, this sort of talk is really premature, considering that Prince Charles is first in line for the throne and he's not going anywhere.

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