Uh-Oh! Duchess Of Sussex Ignores Royal Protocol On A Beach In Australia That Kate And Diana Never Did

October 19, 2018

As the Royal Australian Tour continues, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited the famous Bondi Beach.

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The royal couple sat down with OneWave Community, which helps people overcome their mental health issues and come together.

There were several eyebrow-raising things about this particular public engagement. For example, Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined in an ‘Anti Bad Vibe Circle’ embracing with others, while it's forbidden to touch royals. But the biggest controversy was made by Meghan Markle, who went against the royal protocol once again.

Getting comfortable

Upon stepping out on the beach, Meghan Markle didn't think twice before removing her shoes, something that goes against the royal etiquette.


Notably, Kate Middleton kept her footwear on during her visit to Manly Beach in Sydney in 2014. Princess Diana also wasn't the one to go against this rule in 1983. She kept her heels on while on the NSW beach in Terrigal.

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Of course, it's far more comfortable walking around with bare feet on the sand, and we know that Meghan is often willing to overrule protocol for her own comfort. Perhaps she's already experiencing some feet swelling, which is common for pregnant women.

Shifting focus away from bare feet

Despite Meghan's lack of shoes, we must admit we were more distracted by her striped maxi dress from Martin Grant.


The Duchess looked very tropical while preserving her naturally chic style.

Meghan Markle doesn't fail to impress us with her outfits even on the beach.

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