Liam Neeson's Son Ditches His Famous Last Name In Honor Of His Late Mother, Natasha Richardson, "To Hold Her Close"

October 22, 2018

In 2009, famous actress and Liam Neeson's wife, Natasha Richardson, died at the age of 45 as a result of a skiing accident. Her death left the world heartbroken, as devastated husband and their two sons said goodbye to their wonderful wife and mother.


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Even now, almost ten years since Natasha's passing, her family aches for their loss. And so, Richardson's oldest son, Micheál, decided to honor his mother to feel closer to her.

Liam Neeson's son changes his last name

Liam and Natasha's 23-year-old son, Micheál Richard Antonio, decided to ditch his father's famous last name, and instead changed it from Neeson to Richardson in a tribute to his late mother.


Richardson's mother, Vanessa Redgrave, told Daily Mail that it has nothing to do with Neeson himself, Micheál did it purely out of respect for Natasha:

That wasn’t because he wanted to avoid his father’s fame, which is enormous. He wanted to hold his mother close to him — because she was a remarkable actress. Absolutely remarkable.


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Micheál was only 13 years old when Natasha passed away. Evidently, he's still having a hard time growing up without her, so we hope that by changing his last name he will find peace.


It took Micheál a long time to deal with the loss

In an open letter about his mother's death, Micheál revealed he distracted himself with parties and social life, in an effort to subdue the pain:

Of course, when it happened it was devastating. But in my mind, subconsciously, I either pushed it out or stored it deep inside. And so, within the next week I was like, 'OK, get on with my life.'

Today, Micheál is close with his father, Liam Neeson, who provided much-needed support to him amidst the tragedy.

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