Princess Eugenie Has To Follow Some Strict Beauty Rules Ahead Of Her Wedding, Can She Handle It?

June 14, 2018 18:01

One royal wedding down, one more to go. It's Princess Eugenie's turn now to enter the preparation mode for her special day with Jack Brooksbank, which is set for October 12th.


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The soon-to-be-bride is expected to look flawless on her wedding day. However, in order to fit the royal standards, she will have to follow a few rules.

Prepping for the royal wedding

Aside from picking out a dress and making sure everything is up to the standards, Eugenie has to keep an eye on small details regarding her appearance. It might be difficult for someone as modern as her, but we're sure she can handle anything.


Firstly, Prince Andrew's daughter must have flawless hair on her special day. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle reportedly get their locks blown out three times a week to maintain the shine and volume. There are rumors Eugenie might be doing the same.

Secondly, the 28-year-old royal won't be allowed to wear bright makeup on her special day. She will be required to pick out a natural and muted look.


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Thirdly, only nude manicure is approved by the Queen, so Eugenie's nails will have to match her makeup.

Finally, Eugenie won't be allowed to show her bare legs in any capacity. So the modern Princess will still have to stick to traditional gowns if she wants her wedding to be royally approved by the Queen.


Everyone has to do it

Luckily, Princess Eugenie has Meghan Markle to consult on all things royal wedding. After all, Duchess of Sussex had to follow the same rules. And, as we know, Meghan's makeup was all about the natural beauty and looked wonderful.


We can't wait for more updates about Princess Eugenie's preparations for the wedding and are counting the days until the event itself.

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