Victoria Beckham Had A Night Out With A Dashing Man, And It Wasn't Her Husband David

June 25, 2019

David Beckham's cheating scandals often appear in media, as he is regularly spotted with other women. For example, he reportedly had an affair with his former assistant, Rebecca Loos.

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Nevertheless, both David and Victoria Beckham denied all rumors about the cheating scandal, and called them “fake news.”

Victoria Beckham’s cheating rumors

Victoria Beckham was recently spotted arm in arm with a mystery man on a night out, and some people think she is cheating on her husband David.

Victoria was relaxed as David and their four children were away at the Wembley Stadium for the National League final.

The couple was seen leaving Kappo Masa, the luxurious Japanese restaurant on Madison Avenue. They look so happy together!

Who is Derek Blasberg?

Derek Blasberg is a famous American journalist and television personality, who works in the fashion industry.

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The "mystery man" also cooperated with Victoria Beckham at Fashion Week to celebrate ten years of her brand.

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Despite the cheating rumors, it seems like they are just partners and colleagues.