Ruth Bader Ginsburg And Her Late Husband, Marty, Had A Very Unconventional Love Story

January 8, 2019

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is known for her work as a no-nonsense Supreme Court Justice but she is much more than her black robes. RBG and her late husband, Marty, shared a love story that would put The Notebook to shame.


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They fell for each other's brains

The two met on campus and, although they were as opposite as it gets, they fell in love with each other’s brains. Martin ‘Marty’ Ginsburg was a rich kid, while Ruth was from working-class folks. She was really small and he was a tall man.

She was said to be a worrier, and he was a carefree fellow. They were 17 and 18, respectively, on the 1950s campus of Cornell University.

Intense and unconventional relationship

In a film by CNN that looked at their love story 8 years after Marty passed on, the iconic Justice opens up about their private life and says she fell in love with Marty because he was the only man she ever dated who cared that she had a brain and never regarded her as any type of threat.

The two lawyers shared an intense intellectual and emotional connection that was very uncommon when they got together. RBG says:

One of the sadnesses about the brilliant girls who attended Cornell is that they kind of suppressed how smart they were. But Marty was so confident of his own ability, so comfortable with himself, that he never regarded me as any kind of a threat.

He was her biggest cheerleader

Ruth and Marty’s decades-long marriage was not without its challenges. While in law school, he fought cancer. But Ruth helped him with his schoolwork while he recovered.


And once he got better, he continued to be his wife’s biggest cheerleader and the family cook.

It is said that RBG may not have become a justice if her husband had not fought for her to become one because, even with her qualifications, she did not like to sing her own praises. Before his death in 2010, they had been married for 56 years and had had 2 children, Jane Carol and James Steven.

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