George Bush Caught Slipping A Piece Of Candy To Michelle Obama At McCain's Funeral: Is This What John McCain Lived For?

September 3, 2018

Everyone is talking about the interesting friendship between Michelle Obama and George W. Bush, especially after their display at the funeral service of John McCain.


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They shared a candy

Friends and family gathered together in Washington, where McCain was finally laid to rest. Among the guests, the Obamas were present, seated right next to the Bushes.

And one key exchange between the former Democratic Party first lady Michelle Obama and former Republican Party president George Bush did not go unnoticed.

The moment, captured on camera, showed them sharing a piece of candy as the service progressed.

Twitter reacts

But people are not infuriated in the least bit by it. The video has since gone viral, and people online think the a display of camaraderie at such a solemn ceremony has become a symbol of what John McCain stood for in his life and politics.

One commenter on Twitter said:

I'd like to think that moments like this between W. Bush and Michelle Obama are what McCain was hoping for.

And another commenter made her remarks about Laura Bush, who had shared the candy with her husband before he passed it on.

She got a kick out of the fact that Laura was the kind of guest that would put candies in her handbag in the first place. What do you think of Michelle Obama and George Bush's exchange?

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