She's Got 9 Lives! Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Beaten Deadly Cancer Attacks Twice In Old Age

November 12, 2018

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is known to her fans as the 'Notorious RBG', just like the iconic rapper Notorious BIG. The 85-year-old Supreme Court justice has earned the name not just because of her iconic career, but because she is one tough cookie, who's beat cancer twice.


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She suffered discrimination and triumphed

In 1993, RBG became a Justice of the Supreme Court after years of adversity. Before her appointment, she had difficulty finding a job, despite her exceptional academic records: She graduated top of her class at Columbia Law.

When she finally found one, she was always offered much lower salaries than her male counterparts, so she took on lecturing jobs and fought gender discrimination. This did not shield her from suffering even more discrimination. She famously had to hide the fact that she was pregnant while teaching at Rutgers.

Fight for her life

However, some of her biggest and most heartbreaking fights have been for life. In 2009, during a routine checkup, she found a small tumor developing in her pancreas. Just 10 years before finding the growth, she had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer.


Unfazed, she continued to work while undergoing treatment, and according to CNN, never missed a day on the bench in 1999, even while going through chemotherapy.

Although Ginsburg has admitted to being anxious and scared, she also said:

There is nothing like a cancer bout to make one relish the joys of being alive. It is as though a special, zestful spice seasons my work and days. Each thing I do comes with a heightened appreciation that I am able to do it.

You'll envy her fitness routine

But she is determined to live forever, or at least to cross the 100-year mark. The woman exercises like she is preparing for the Olympics. She does up to 20 military-style pushups and is way fitter than most women half her age.


She works out with a personal trainer at an exclusive gym for the Supreme Court justices and has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Go, girl!

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