Amazing! Cancer Survivor Tries Out A Brave New Look And It Worked Better Than Botox

November 15, 2018 16:59

It's not uncommon to hear cancer survivors talk about how much the experience changes them and there are big reasons why this happens.

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Post-cancer bucket lists

To start with, a cancer survivor has a very different relationship with time. Each day becomes a rare gift because they understand that time is shorter than most people think.

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Survivors also come out of the experience with an appreciation for life's simple pleasures and their priorities are much more different from most people's. The things on their bucket lists pre-cancer and post-cancers can change drastically. And for this cancer survivor, she knew more than anything else that she wanted to try a brave new style.

She wanted to start afresh with a new look

She had just finished a bout of cancer treatment and her hair was thriving but this survivor was ready for a new start.

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According to her, the experience had changed her body and her relationship with it so she paid a visit to the stylist who runs the Makeover Guy on YouTube.

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He suggested that she not only take some inches off her hair but change the color from blond to a hint of red. We had our doubts about the new hair color she was getting because it seemed so out there for someone who seemed to be above 50, but we were in for a shocker.

This cancer survivor's new look is everything and it lifted her facial features. No botox needed!

Why shorter hair really works

It may not be everybody's cup of tea, but shorter hairstyles work wonders for women and their facial bone structures as they grow older. Stylists never get tired of recommending it and here's the secret they aren't always willing to share.

According to stylist Hansen Liu, it has exactly the same effect as getting botox, spending hours doing makeup contours or spending hard earned cash doing a vampire lift. She says it not only affects your face but also enhances your bone structure. So, go for it!

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