Body Language Expert Breaks Down The Clues That Prince Harry Is Missing Princess Diana Now More Than Ever

October 18, 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently announced that they are expecting their first child. And royal fans from all over the world have been expressing their congratulations.


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Apart from feeling excited about being a dad, it's possible that Prince Harry is feeling other emotions as well. One body language expert reveals that the Duke of Sussex is very likely missing his mother now more than ever.

Harry's body language

According to body language expert, Jodi James, Prince Harry must need his mother even more at a time like this just as many first-time parents-to-be usually need their own mothers as well. She pointed out that when Prince William was in a similar situation, he had Kate Middleton's parents to go to for support and advice. Unfortunately, Meghan's mom is thousands of miles away so Harry may not get the same comfort. 

James explained that based on Harry's body language especially when he spoke about his baby news in Australia, he was quite excited. Meghan, on the other hand, exuded a "calm confidence."

The body language expert also noticed that Meghan Markle is already playing the part of a protective mom. In a few of the pictures taken in Australia, she could be seen posing upright with her "hands lightly clasped in front of her torso.


As for Harry, announcing that he will soon be a father was a very awkward moment for him, 

He got the word 'announce' out, although using an eye-cut-off to hide his emotions, then did a verbal 'hiccup' throwing in some 'ah' fillers to appear to check via a glance towards Meghan that he really could say the word in public at last.

Meghan's choice of jewelry also showed how much Harry wanted to feel closer to his mother at this time, James opined. The Duchess wore a set of gold and diamond butterfly earrings and bracelets that once belonged to Princess Diana. 


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He has nothing to worry about

Most first-time parents are usually concerned about the life-changing event of being a dad/mom. However, over the years, Prince Harry has proven to be a natural when it comes to interacting with kids. 


We highly doubt that he will have any major struggles when it comes to fatherhood. He seems to be a natural already.

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