Actor Rob Lowe Hilariously Mocks Prince William Over His "Traumatic" Hair Loss: “British Men Set A Low Bar”

May 29, 2019

Actor Rob Lowe is making fun of Prince William for his receding hairline. When he was younger, the Duke of Cambridge was known for his full hair and good looks.

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Prince William gets bald

The Duke of Cambridge has been experiencing rapid hair loss. Over the years, we have seen the prince with full hair become bald. But will he get a hair transplant?

Though Prince William's hair loss is more advanced, some royal fans wonder why the Duke is not doing anything about it.

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A British citizen Gill Bullen, said the reason why Prince William has not gotten a hair transplant is that plastic surgery is “fundamentally fake” and the press will make a big deal. Others believe the Duke is not bothered with it, and he's not vain.

Prince William gets mocked over his hair 

Rob mocks the prince for his hair loss saying the future king of England let himself lose his hair. Speaking in an interview with Daily Telegraph about his own hair loss, Rob said: 

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Honestly, one of the great traumatic experiences of my life was watching Prince William lose his hair. He’s going to be the f***ing king of England!

The 55-year-old actor joked that that “British men set a low bar” for vanity and used Prince William's hair loss as an example while reflecting on his latest role as an American police officer patrolling the English town of Lincolnshire on ITV drama Wild Bill.

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It's genetic

Fans have noticed that hair loss runs in the royal family. Prince Charles is getting balding at the crown, while Prince Harry’s hair appears to now be thinning. Why do men in the royal family seem to be losing their hair? 

Consultant plastic surgeon Ken Kok analyzed Prince Harry’s hairline and concluded that his hair loss is genetic, a trait also shared by his brother and father.

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Despite criticism for his hair loss, Prince William has always appeared unfazed. What do you think, should the prince seek regrowth solution for his baldness.