Unusual Fashion Choice! Céline Dion Leaves Fans Confused After Wearing Scuba Gear As Pants

May 2, 2019

Iconic singer Céline Dion is no stranger when it comes to fashion. She is unapologetically herself and enthusiastic when it comes to making unconventional fashion statements. Her wardrobe choices are also known to be bold, big, and dramatic.

Unexpected style icon

Award-winning singer Céline Dion became an unexpected style icon a few summers ago.

Taking to the couture shows in looks by designers such as Alexandre Vauthier, Valentino, Dior, and more, she became one of the season's most talked-about celebs. 

Ever since then, Céline won the fashion industry over with her enthusiastic love for what she wears each time she steps out of her home. 

The 51-year-old singer has always loved fashion. For the past five years, Céline has almost exclusively worn couture for her own performances. 

Her new status as an avant-garde style maverick is thanks to Law Roach, a stylist she hired in 2017.

Seriously, scuba gear as pants?

Céline is proof that there is no harm in going where no fashionista has gone before.

The 51-year-old singer during a recent trip to Paris shared a photo of herself on Instagram wearing scuba gear as pants. The upper part of the musician’s outfit appeared normal and featured a red, long-sleeve blouse paired with a blue blazer and stilettos.

However, the rest of the outfit, which consisted of a black wetsuit lined with cheetah print, was questionable.
Since Calvin Klein’s 205W39NYC collection, wetsuit has been considered as ‘fashion’ and it retails for $2,900.

Another bizarre fashion statement

In January, Céline made an unusual fashion statement after she was spotted leaving Paris' Crillion hotel in a bright yellow silk dress with a bizarre oversized grey suit jacket. 

She finished up her look with dark shades and a pair of chunky white and gold trainers.

The jacket which featured a cream knitted hemline and sleeves costs a whopping £2,655 while the yellow anorak-style coat by Maison Margiela costs £1,430.

The singer turned heads on the streets of Paris in her sports-inspired dress which comes with a drawstring hooded fixture, chest pocket and handkerchief style hem. 

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