Vanna White’s 24-Year-Old Son Nikko Has Grown Up To Become An Incredibly Attractive Man


May 13, 2019 11:41 By Fabiosa

Back in the day, Vanna White used to turn heads as the co-host of popular TV show Wheel of Fortune. But lately, it’s her son who is stealing the spotlight.

Who is Vanna White?

Born Vanna Marie Rosich in South Carolina, the actress changed her name to White and began modeling and auditioned for a series of movies.

Vanna is an American actress is well known for hosting the Wheel of Fortune TV show since 1982.

With a net worth of about $40 million, she took an interest in knitting, which led to having her own line called 'Vanna’s Choice'.

She got married to restaurant owner George San Pietro, but they split after having different interests. The couple has two children, son Nicolas and daughter Giovanna.

Dangerously attractive

Nikko has gradually been stealing the hearts of quite a few people every time his pictures surface online. With so much attractiveness, he's hard to ignore.

The gorgeous hunk shared a photo of himself and his mother while hiking in Hawaii and fans couldn’t just get enough.

From his profile on Instagram, one can see Nikko is a dedicated baker. He also sells homemade loaves of bread. While Nikko largely stays out of the spotlight, he is very close with his mother.

Her incredible daughter

Asides from her handsome son, Vanna’s daughter Giovanna is simply gorgeous. Guess it’s safe to say she’s got it like her momma.

The brunette beauty has grown up to be drop-dead gorgeous. From her pictures, you could guess how beautiful and smart she is. The genes have done wonders in Vanna’s family.

No matter how much he tries not to be in the spotlight, Nikko’s hotness will still send flames in the air!