“I Wish My Mother Showed That Much Interest In Me:” Ivanka Trump's Sad And Lonely Childhood Recalled By Her Friend

July 23, 2019

The daughter of the current US President, Ivanka, has been living her life in the public eye since her birth. She was born to then-businessman Donald Trump and his first wife, model Ivana.

Ivanka grew up in Manhattan and attended the best and most exclusive schools her father’s money could offer.

Now she is a successful woman, the First Daughter, and a key adviser in the White House. But there was a time when she was just a little shy girl who was craving for her parents’ attention.

A lonely child

In a new 2019 book, titled Kushner Inc., author Vicky Ward explores Ivanka Trump’s childhood. Ward claims her father Donald was absent for most of her childhood and her mother Ivana didn’t pay much attention to her either.

According to the book, little Ivanka had a very lonely childhood. The First Daughter’s school friend shared a very sad thing she said when they were teenagers.

When the friend complained about her mother being “overly critical,” Ivanka, reportedly, responded with a pain in her voice:

I wish my mother showed that much interest in me.

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Another old-time friend of Donald’s daughter commented on how the absence of her parents affected her when she was growing up. It was said:

The dysfunction and loneliness of Ivanka’s family, the absence of her parents from her life, put her in a situation where she was vulnerable.

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Now Ivanka is a mother, too. She and her husband, Jared Kushner, raise three children together, daughter Arabella and sons Joseph and Theodore.

Despite her incredibly busy schedule, Ivanka always manages to find time for her kids. She and Jared have been married since 2009 and often spend their weekends in the family circle.

Maybe being a lonely child made the 37-year-old to be more present in her own children’s lives. We don’t know what’s her secret but she seems to have found the perfect balance between family and career and we admire her for that.