Fans Slam Barbra Streisand Over Recent Photo Of Her Granddaughter: "Why Is Baby Girl Wearing Bikini?”

July 26, 2019

Not long ago, the music legend Barbra Streisand has become a grandma for the first time. The singer’s step-son Josh Brolin and his wife Kathryn welcomed a baby girl, Westlyn Reign, in winter 2018.

Since Westlyn’s birth, the loving granny just simply can’t get enough of the little one. And she feels like it’s her duty to share unarming Westlyn’s cuteness with her fans.

However, one recent photo created a lot of controversy on social media.

Baby in bikini

Barbra Streisand posted a photo of her 8-month-old granddaughter wearing a little swimsuit. Some of the singer’s fans were not sure it’s a good idea for a baby to wear a bikini, finding it a bit weird.

@steph_urlich commented:

Why is a baby girl wearing a bikini?

@muddysouthernboyI added:

myself don’t like kids in bikinis

But other people had a very different opinion and defended the swimsuit choice. Many loved the snap, saying it’s absolutely adorable.

@steph_urlich said:

what’s the deal why not she’s a baby give me a break.

@nancyprovenzan1 noted:

She’s adorable!

@peekapoo1012 agreed:

Awww .. simply adorable! God Bless

What do you think about it? Should babies wear bikinis?