Does The Queen Approve Duchess Meghan’s Makeup? Her Makeup Artist Reveals The Truth

July 20, 2018

We all remember how gorgeous Duchess of Sussex looked at her wedding. She went for a very natural “fresh face, rosy cheeks” makeup, and a lot of royal watchers and Suits fans were trying to recreate the stunning look.


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Meghan’s soft makeup has become a sort of trademark. You will never see her wearing anything too bright or too bold. Her wedding look was a quintessential representation of that style. It all was a careful work of a professional makeup artist Daniel Martin.

Makeup secrets

Daniel Martin is not only Meghan’s makeup artist, he is also her very good friend. Recently, Martin shared with Bustle what secret lies behind the Duchess of Sussex’s makeup look.

She’s very decisive with how she wants to look. I think that moving forward and even in the past, you've always seen her in a specific way. We've maybe changed a bit of a tone in the lip or done something different in her eye, but she's very consistent with her makeup.

When we look through Meghan’s recent photos, we can definitely see her makeup has a certain shape to it. A little bit of mascara, some blush, a tad of natural eyeshadow, a swish of bronzer, maybe, an eyeliner, and always a nude lip. The main focus is always on her beautiful skin, adorned with envy-worthy freckles.


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Does the Queen approve?

But it makes us wonder, does Meghan’s extra classy makeup is her own choice or Her Majesty the Queen has a say in how her granddaughter-in-law must look?


Martin assures that the monarch doesn’t have to approve Meghan’s makeup. While, like every royal lady, she must follow a handful of strict fashion and etiquette rules, the Queen doesn’t have any guidelines when it comes to beauty looks. Because of that, the duchess is free to do her makeup by herself, which is often a necessity since she travels quite a lot.


We guess we might never see Meghan rocking a red lip again, but she can still surprise us with a pop of color like she did when she wore a gorgeous Brandon Maxwell yellow dress.


The duchess always looks breathtaking no matter what she decides to wear or put on her face.

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