Meghan Markle Is Harshly Denounced For "Always Clinging Onto Harry" And Showing Too Much PDA

July 12, 2018 13:00

Since her fairytale wedding, Meghan Markle has definitely become the unequivocal person of the year. The former American actress not only stole the heart of a British prince but of the many royal watchers as well. Lots of people wait in anticipation when the new Duchess of Sussex will appear at a new event.


But with many admirers, Meghan also won many eagle-eyed critics, who watch her every step. Luckily, the duchess seems to be unfazed by harsh comments, even when they touch upon the way she shows her love for her partner.

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The loving couple

Despite having the biggest weddings in the world watched by millions of people, the British royals don’t tend to show their affection in the public. Fans rarely see them hold hands or hug, let alone kiss.


But Meghan and Harry changed all the traditions. They are, perhaps, the only royal couple who publically shows their feelings towards each other. The newlyweds are often pictured holding hands or touch, which we are not used to seeing when it comes to the royal couples.


But some people don’t like that as Meghan has been cruelly criticized for “clinging” to her husband.

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Harsh criticism

Words of support

Maybe, Meghan’s way of showing affection to her husband is how she finds comfort in the situation she’s in? We are not physiatrists, but it looks like the couple has a very healthy relationship, and we are certainly happy to see a little change in the British tradition.

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Meghan Markle