We Hope It Was Jetlag! Donald Trump Was Spotted Falling Asleep During Queen's Speech At Palace Banquet

Mr. and Mrs. Trump were warmly greeted by the Queen and other royal family members as they arrived in the UK for a three-day State Visit. The monarch welcomed the presidential couple at a lavish State Banquet which took place at Buckingham Palace.

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The guests looked all glammed up as they arrived to honor the American President and his First Lady.

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Mr. Trump and Her Majesty gave touching speeches to celebrate the alliance between the UK and the US. However, it appears that the Queen’s address was a little bit less exciting for the President.

Was he fighting the sleep?

Social media spotted Donald Trump in what appeared to be a fight with sleepiness during the Queen’s speech at the banquet.

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The President looked like he was struggling to stay awake, which we can understand considering the long journey he took.

While the 93-year-old monarch spoke of the close relationship between the two countries, Mr. Trump was spotted repeatedly closing his eyes for a few moments.

People shared their reactions

Some social media users defended the President while others were certain that he wasn’t falling asleep at all.

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