Melania Trump Is Brutally Slammed By Social Media For Urging America To Vote For Red: “Can She Even Vote?”

November 8, 2018

The tensions that have started before the midterm elections continue even after their end as American voters divided in opinions while choosing what is best for their country. Even though the First Lady didn’t join her husband for the elections campaign, she stepped into the game urging people to vote for Republicans.

However, Melania’s brief yet strong message was met with a harsh criticism coming from the social media users.


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“Vote for Red”

Melania Trump’s tweet, which she posted from her FLOTUS account, created a furry on the internet. Many American voters were not happy with her encouraging message, saying she is playing against the rules. Others were questioning her abilities to vote at all.

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Trump’s supporters

However, not everyone was strongly opposed to the first lady’s actions. On the contrary, loyal Trump supporters proved that they are standing by the President's side no matter what. Some people praised Donald Trump, saying he is the greatest President of all time, others showed some love to his wife, commenting that she is “amazing.”

We can only assume that Melania was ready for such a divided reaction. After all, she has been criticized so many times she is probably immune to prickly words now. But do you think she should have refrained from such a blatant call for action or do you support the first lady’s encouragement?

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