Duchess Meghan And Duchess Catherine’s Choice Of Hats Reveals A Lot About Them

June 21, 2018 15:07

What can a simple hat say about its wearer? Turns out, quite a lot!

The Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge, both 36, are probably the most compared women in the world. They both married into the royal family, so it’s not surprising that all eyes are on them.


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Meghan and Catherine are both admired for their gorgeous looks and impeccable style. The Duchess of Sussex recently made her debut at Royal Ascot, where she stunned everyone with her classy outfit – just like the Duchess of Cambridge did at her first Ascot. But what do the beautiful ladies' fascinators say about them, according to an expert?


Hats are often the dessert in the menu of many traditional British events, including races and weddings.


A milliner Beverley Edmondson from Surrey commented on Meghan’s hat she wore for the first day of Ascot:

The hat had a little more detail - without being fussy - than we have seen in previous hats that she has worn, which softened the look on her and shows that there is a balance in the designs which can be reached between minimalistic and fussy.


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Catherine didn’t attend the Ascot races as she is still on maternity leave. Nonetheless, when comparing two duchesses’ styles, there is a slight difference. Beverley explained:

Meghan hasn’t quite managed to nail down a style yet, she is not as confident in hats as Kate and has so far gone for simpler hats than Kate would go for.


She added:

I think she is trying to carve out a sleek minimal look but I think this still needs finessing, she hasn’t yet developed the sleek sophisticated and timeless yet feminine look that Kate has.


We are sure that the Duchess of Sussex will continue to stun with her gorgeous outfits and will find her look. After all, she has a wonderful sister-in-law as an example.

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