Former Royal Butler Explains Why Meghan Markle Has Remained Silent While Her Family Keeps Talking To Press

August 6, 2018 09:42

It has been quite a while since the royal wedding graced the screens around the world, but the Duchess of Sussex’s family can’t leave the new royal alone. There has been a lot of blame involved with Meghan’s father insisting that the palace is not letting him see his daughter, while the duchess’ half-sister shouting hateful comments at every chance she gets.

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But despite everything her family is throwing at her, Meghan remains silent. There have been no comments from the duchess’ side. Turns out, there is a specific reason behind her silence.

“No comments” policy

It is believed that the duchess stayed away from publically voicing her opinion because it is a family matter, it has nothing to do with her new role.


The former royal butler Grant Harrold thinks she is doing the right thing. He said:

The Duchess of Sussex has quite rightly remained silent, as it has nothing to do with anyone but her paternal family. I am sure The Duchess of Sussex will be very tight-lipped over any family matters as any of us would be.


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There is also another thing that might be preventing Meghan from speaking out, and it is the royal protocol. According to its strict rules, all of the announcement should be made through the palace statements, and the royals are not allowed to have social media accounts.



In his latest interview, Thomas Markle Sr. revealed that the palace cut him off, taking away the phone and text number used for Meghan’s personal aids. Will the duchess ever contact her father again? We guess the decision is now depends on the palace.

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