Pregnant Meghan Markle Was Brutally Slammed By Social Media For Taking A Break From ‘Exhausting’ Royal Tour

October 22, 2018

When Meghan Markle discovered she was expecting her first baby, she surely was over the moon with happiness as we all know how she and her husband, Prince Harry, both wanted to become parents.


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But being pregnant doesn’t free you from royal duties so the mom-to-be set off for a 16-days tour to Australia. However, the pregnancy symptoms are not something you can easily forget about. The exhausting journey and a schedule full of public appearances took a heavy toll on the pregnant royal so she had to cut off some time to recharge her energy.

According to the journalists, the Duchess decided to cut back on her schedule for a few days so Prince Harry will have to attend a few events on his own. Nonetheless, not everyone is happy about Meghan taking a break as some social media users harshly criticized her for it.


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The accusers

Some people pointed out that many women had to work hard during their pregnancies because they couldn’t take a break.

The defenders

However, other women defended the Duchess as they know how difficult could be a trip to such far away country as Australia even for non-pregnant ladies. Moreover, at Meghan's age, there're a lot of pregnancy risks.

It’s important to understand that every pregnancy is different. Even if Meghan is privileged to take a break, it doesn’t mean she has to be criticized for doing so. Pregnancy is not always a smooth journey, that’s why people should respect expectant women and their decisions.

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