Confidence Gained, Now It’s Time To Upstage Her Hubby: Body Language Expert Analyzes Melania Trump’s Behavior

June 25, 2018

It’s been a while after Melania Trump has been to all possible events because of her operation. Still, it didn’t prevent her from stealing the show when she appeared in a $39 jacket saying “I don’t really care” when visiting a child detention center in Texas.


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And if that jacket is speaking about the changes in Melania’s image and attitude to everything, her body language doesn’t lag behind. When analyzing how the First Lady has behaved since the operation, it’s necessary to admit her attitude to everything has changed.



It feels she’s more confident. She knows what she does and is perfectly aware of her status. Here’s what a body language expert, Judi James, has to say about Melania after her 24-day leave:

If there's a change in Melania's body language since her operation, it is that she seems to have gained slightly in terms of confidence and status signals, and has begun to assert herself as an individual and in her role, perhaps following in the shoes of previous first ladies of recent years and even risking upstaging her husband at last.


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Such arrogant words on her jacket have made lots of people rethink their attitude to Melania. Even those who used to hope she was better than her husband, have already changed their minds and said about that on Twitter.

All in all, people condemned the new Melania. She could have prevented that by taking better care of what she wears, right?

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