Betty White’s Death Debunked: Fans Panic After Her Name Started Trending On Twitter

August 6, 2018

In January this year, Betty White celebrated her 96th birthday. 

96th birthday celebration

Judging by the photos the actress didn’t seem to be tired of her life. Instead, she looked so active and seemed to be full of energy for her 96 years.

The Golden Girls star has been in the movie and entertainment industry for over 70 years and she doesn’t seem to back down. Her sharp mind and active body are a real proof.

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Name trending equals death?

However, there must be such people who don’t like her being so active. Betty White’s name started trending on Twitter from July 31. Such an unexpected thing caused lots of panic among her fans. They thought the legendary actress was dead and that’s why her name was trending on Twitter.

Luckily, only later on it turned out her name was trending not because she is dead. The thing is it was just another death hoax.

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Previous death hoax

It’s not the first time someone creates rumors about Betty White’s death. So years ago the actress has already been the victim of an Internet death hoax. Back then they said she was found dead in her native Oak Park, Illinois, according to



The most important thing in this situation is that it isn’t true. It’s wrong of people to spread such rumors and these kinds of actions should be punished. Meanwhile, let’s wish Betty White long years of life and good health.

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Betty White Twitter Art