Enrique Iglesias Posts A Cute Pic Of Him Holding One Of His Twins: "Can’t Believe You’re Mine"

May 3, 2018

In December 2017, Enrique Iglesias and his longtime partner, Anna Kournikova, took us by surprise when they announced welcoming their twins, Lucy and Nicholas. The couple managed to keep the pregnancy secret for 9 months!


Actually, the two have been famous for staying under the radar. But since the kids’ birth, both parents can’t escape the cuteness of their babies and can’t help but share sweet pictures of them.

Just a few days ago, the singer took to Instagram to post an adorable snap. In it, you can see Iglesias effortlessly holding one of his 4-months twins.

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The proud father is peering down lovingly at his infant, while the little is beaming with joy and looking at the camera. The 42-year-old also added a touching caption:

I still can’t believe … you’re mine.

Isn’t it sweet?

It looks like the twins are too adorable to keep them away from the camera. Iglesias earlier shared some more pictures and videos of his babies.

And he also revealed how much he was enjoying parenthood. During one of the March concerts, the singer spoke about Lucy and Nicholas for the first time:

I became a father 12 weeks ago and I can absolutely tell you two things: I love my babies!

The kids are surely lucky to have such loving parents!

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