It Can Be A Tough Life: Strict Rules Every Royal Family's Staff Member Has To Follow

May 24, 2018

Some people dream about working with royalty. Indeed, this job might seem ideal, but is it so in real life?

Very few people seem to think about all the rules the royal staff needs to follow. So, here are just some of the secrets that will give an insight into what it’s like to work for one of the most prestigious institutions.


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1. Privacy comes first.

All those who want to get a job with the royal family need to know how to keep secrets. Even if something is scandalous, they have to learn to keep their mouths shut. Of course, discretion is mentioned in a document you would have to sign.


2. Staying at the site 24/7.

There are almost 190 bedrooms for staff members at Buckingham Palace, which means the staff stays full-time there.


3. Forgetting about social life.

Living in the palace, staff members will have little time to focus on their own lives. The purpose of servants is to care and work for the royals, which is considered an honor. But is it worth of such sacrifices?

4. What about a raise?

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Surprisingly, staff members don’t earn much, as they get something between $20-30 thousand. And there doesn’t seem to be any increase. After all, who has the guts to ask the Queen for a raise?


5. Obligatory training for nannies.

If you want to become a nanny at the palace, you should first attend Norland College, spend 3 years there, and get a B.A. in Early Years Development and Training. Only then will you be considered for the position.


6. Hairstylists on duty.

The royals need to look perfect. That is why hairstylists need to be available 24/7. So, we have to assume they also live together with the family.

7. Ancient equipment for cooks.

Of course, there have been some updates over the years, but not many. Shockingly, cooks have to use ancient appliances and kitchen items.


8. As quiet as a mouse.

You should not distract or disturb the royal family members. So, it’s better to learn how to fade into the background and become invisible.


Of course, staff members are not the only people that need to follow the rules. Royals also have to act in a certain way and stick to traditions that are even more bizarre, like curtseying, no PDA, dress code rules, and many others.

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