Queen Has Stunning Jewelry Collection, But There's One Special Item She's Worn Every Day For 70 Years

June 21, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II can boast about having an incredible, jaw-dropping jewelry collection that includes a stunning choice of pieces, ranging from brooches to tiaras. She also owns a terrific selection of diamonds, rubies, and emeralds for any official occasion.


But there’s one special piece of jewelry that the monarch has been wearing almost every day for 7 decades. Have you guessed it yet?


This special piece is her engagement ring, of course! In 2017, the Queen and Prince Philip marked another milestone – the 70th wedding anniversary, which means this ring is Elizabeth’s most-worn item.


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The 3-carat diamond in it is relatively small for a monarch, but there’s a sweet story behind of this elegant piece. As it turns out, Philip took it out of his mother Princess Alice’s diamond tiara to create a perfect ring for his beloved.

Besides, the Duke was very involved in the design process, as he asked to transform other diamonds from his mom’s tiara into a bracelet for Elizabeth.

Ever since the couple married, the diamond ring has taken pride of place on her finger, but it’s often covered with gloves for formal outings. Still, when you take a look at official portraits and low-key events, you can see how beautiful it is!

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