"Absolutely Discouraging": Bette Midler Reveals That Her Dad Didn't Support Her In Career Choice

November 19, 2018

When young people choose what field to pursue or what to do for their living, their parents are not always supportive. This especially concerns situations when a child wants to become an artist, be that an actor, a director, a dancer, or a singer. And often, celebrity kids are no exception.

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Since her childhood, actress and comedienne Bette Midler was a bold and funny, yet shy personality. Eventually, she developed an interest in dramatic arts and even won several talent competitions. Now, she is a star! But how did her parents react to her desire to go for performing?


One parent was more supportive than the other!

As The Divine Miss M singer opened up on Sunday TODAY, her mom was proud and ‘over the moon’ because of her daughter’s success. Meanwhile, her dad wasn’t so enthusiastic, which made the atmosphere at home very stressful. He rather wanted Bette to become a nurse or a teacher:

In any artist’s life, you always have one parent completely supportive and one absolutely discouraging.

Luckily, Bette found a way to deal with her father being not supportive:

I realized that there was a kind of a sour place, sourness to him. And I didn’t want to live my life that way. I didn’t wanna be defeated or angry. I wanted to be upbeat. I wanted to have joy in my life.


Is Bette supportive of her adorable daughter, Sophie Von Haselberg?

We bet she is! 31-year-old Sophie is the actress’ only child, who also took interest in arts. Today, Van Haselberg is an actress and a producer, known for Irrational Man, Equity, and The Wizard of Lies (2017).


We’re hoping to see the mom and the daughter collaborate in some movie together. With Sophie being her mother’s lookalike, it would be only natural if she played Bette’s daughter or even a younger version of her on screen!

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