Judge Judy Became The World’s Highest-Paid TV Host Of 2018: How Much Did She Earn This Year?

November 28, 2018

22 years ago, the hit reality TV show Judge Judy premiered, winning the hearts of thousands of viewers from many countries. And today, its host Judge Judy Sheindlin is one of the highest paid TV stars. In fact, in 2018, the sharp-talking daytime judge outearned all other hosts, including Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Phil McGraw, and Ryan Seacrest.

So, how much did it take to reign across all of television?

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Sheindlin earns $47 million per year for hosting Judge Judy and producing Hot Bench, and she will continue doing so till 2020, thanks to her extended contract. But this is not it!

Last year, the 77-year-old got a huge paycheck of $100 million for selling the rights to Judge Judy’s extensive 5,200-episode library to CBS. The network will also have the right to all future episodes of the show.

This deal and her annual income result in $147 million. Impressive, isn’t it?


Besides, Sheindlin holds the Guinness World Record for the longest career as a TV judge, and she also is among the richest self-made women in the United States, with a net worth of $400 million!

As for other TV hosts, they pocketed a bit less this year. In particular, Ellen DeGeneres earned almost $90 million, Dr. Phil – almost $80 million, and Ryan Seacrest – around $75 million.


Is Sheindlin as successful in her personal life?

The judge is a proud mother of 5 kids and a doting grandmom of 13 children. But like most celebs, she’s had quite a dramatic family life. The sharp talker was divorced twice, first time – from Ronald Levy, and second time – from Jerry Sheindlin.


Luckily, Judy and Jerry worked out their problems and remarried shortly after the split. They’re still happy together and are pretty much in love with each other.

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