Samantha Markle Trolls Duchess Meghan About The Air Conditioners That She Reportedly Wanted Inside The Wedding Chapel

December 4, 2018

Samantha Markle wouldn’t miss a chance to mock her sister, Duchess Meghan, about any tiny detail. What did she do again? Oh, it’s out of this world.

Samantha Markle trolls her sister again

It’s been a while since we last heard about Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha. But the big sis decided to correct this ‘mistake’ and spoke out again.

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This time, Samantha mocked Meghan about air fresheners. Sound ridiculous, doesn’t it?

It started when Sam found out that Meghan reportedly wanted to place air fresheners at Windsor Castle chapel on her wedding day to deal with the ‘musty’ smell.

Although Kensington Palace didn’t confirm or deny the news, it didn’t stop Samantha from tweeting over this. In her private Twitter account, Meghan’s sister joked:

When sis sees the ghost of Ann Boleyn walking the tower with her head in her hands, will she demand Ghostbusters? Lol.

Jeremy Vine on 5 - Official Channel / Youtube

Surprisingly, but not so long ago, Samantha apologized to Meghan for her inappropriate behavior after the royal wedding. It looks like it didn’t take long for Sam to forget about her apologies.

What do you think about the sisters’ feud? Is there any way for Samantha and Meghan to make things right?

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