So Nice Of Her: Laura Bush Was Deeply Touched By Melania Trump’s Invitation To See The White House Christmas Decorations

December 5, 2018

Melania Trump invited George W. and Laura Bush to see the Christmas decorations in the White House. Laura was touched to tears by the current First Lady's sweet gesture.


Sweet gesture

On Tuesday, the former US President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush visited the White House with their family at Melania Trump’s invitation.

FLOTUS kindly invited the Bushes to see the Christmas decorations this year. It was very nice of her, considering the hard period the Bush family is going through after the demise of their beloved patriarch, George H.W. Bush. The 41st President passed away last Friday, aged 94.


Earlier, Donald and Melania Trump also attended the US Capitol Rotunda to pay their respects to Bush Senior prior to his funeral on Wednesday.


Laura Bush was deeply touched by Melania’s invitation. After the visit, Mrs. Bush shared a lovely picture of the whole family gathered under the portrait of the late George H.W. Bush in the White House.

The former First Lady thanked Melania for such a sweet gesture and added they were glad to meet their old friends from the residence staff.

People appreciated Melania’s initiative

People on social media liked Mrs. Trump’s step to invite the Bushes to the White House.

Melania did a good thing. So nice to see both first families together ahead of Christmas.

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