Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Might Divide Their Kids So They Can Stay With Their Favorite Parent, According To A Lawyer

November 28, 2018 14:20

New details have been revealed in Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s custody battle. According to a family lawyer, Brangelina might divide their children.


Brad and Angelina are ready to finalize a divorce

Two years after one of the most famous Hollywood couples, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, announced their split, the noise around their separation is still not calming down.

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As it was reported earlier, Brangelina stated 'irresistible differences' as the cause for their split. The only thing the ex-spouses can’t reach an agreement is the custody of their 6 children.

Jolie and Pitt do their best to make a final decision before December 4, 2018. That is the date when their divorce will be finalized.


Could the ex-spouses divide their children?

According to a family lawyer, David T. Pisarra, there is a possibility that Jolie and Pitt would divide their kids, so each of them can stay with a favorite parent.

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Pisarra said:

Typically the courts want to keep all the kids together because they want to maintain the continuity of the relationships, but if there are huge age gaps as there are with Brad and Angelina’s children, that can be a factor.


The lawyer explained that, for example, 17-year-old Maddox is old enough to decide which parent to stay with.


Pisarra added that a location factor also matters. As Brad lives in Los Angeles, while Angelina may decide to relocate to London, their kids have a right to chose where they want to live.

In any case, it would be a hard choice for children, as it’s always not easy to go through the parents’ divorce. We really hope Angelina and Brad will do their best to make this process less traumatic for their kids.

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