Sisters Barbara And Jenna Bush Couldn’t Hold Back Tears While Speaking About How They Miss Their Late Grandmother

October 25, 2018

The legacy of the late First Lady Barbara Bush will be always alive via her wonderful children and grandkids. Sisters Barbara and Jenna Bush got emotional while speaking about their late grandmother and recalling a special moment that took place at Barbara’s wedding.


Barbara and Jenna Bush speak about their beloved grandmother

The former First Lady of the United States, the incredible Barbara Bush, passed away six months ago, but her loving family still feels her presence.

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Sisters Barbara and Jenna Bush made a guest appearance on Today Show earlier these days. During a candid interview, the young ladies got emotional as they spoke about their late grandma.

Barbara, who recently tied the knot with her beloved boyfriend Craig Coyne in a private ceremony, recalled a special moment which happened on the wedding day. It made her feel her grandma’s presence.

Barbara said:

The second that it was announced that we were husband and wife, it started to rain, and I thought, that’s my grandmother. She’s with us too.

It was an emotional day for Jenna as well. She said she felt really proud and happy for her sister.

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In memory of the late Barbara Bush

Barbara also commemorated her late grandmother’s memory in a touching way. At the wedding, she wore a piece of jewelry which her grandma gave to her. It was a bracelet her grandpa presented to his wife on their 70th anniversary.


It must be so hard for the family to deal with the loss of beloved Barbara Bush. But she keeps living in the hearts and thoughts of her children and grandkids.

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