George And Amal Clooney Are Among The Potential Godparents For Harry And Meghan's Future Baby. What Are Their Chances?

November 30, 2018 16:47

George and Amal Clooney have all chances to become closer to the British royal family in case Harry and Meghan will choose them as godparents for their future baby.


Godparents for the royal baby

It’s not a secret that George Clooney and his charming wife Amal are pretty close with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The couple also attended the royal wedding earlier in May.

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Amal and Meghan were friends long before Markle became the Duchess of Sussex. Now, the young ladies are on pretty good terms as well. Their beloved hubbies, George and Harry, have also turned into buddies because of that.

Taking into account a close friendship between the couples, it is fair to suggest that Harry and Meghan will ask George and Amal to be the godparents for their first baby. They expect a newcomer next spring.

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Another factor in favor of the Clooneys is that they are the parents of two adorable twins. It means the spouses know how to deal with kids, which is very important for the godparents-to-be.

George's cousin, Ben Breslin, told to Daily Mail the actor would be a wonderful godfather to the royal couple's baby.

He'd make a wonderful godfather, he'd make a wonderful just about anything - he's a good guy.

What are the other options?

However, George and Amal are not the only ones in the list of the possible candidacies.

Among other potential godparents are Meghan’s good friends, Jessica and Ben Mulroney, Misha Nonoo, Serena Williams, as well as Harry’s friends – Zoe and Jake Warren, or Tom Inskip and Lara Hughes-Young.



As you see, Harry and Meghan have a lot to think about while choosing the best godparents for their future baby. Whom would you choose in their place? Please, share your opinion in the comments.

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