Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary To The Iconic Presidential Couple, George W. Bush And Laura Bush

November 5, 2018 12:29

One of the longest and happily married presidential couples, George W. Bush and Laura Bush, celebrate their 41st anniversary.

Happy anniversary, George and Laura!

It’s always nice to hear the stories of two people who found each other, fell in love and managed to keep their relationship strong for many long years. George W. Bush and Laura Bush are exactly such couple.

Today, George and Laura celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary. Can you believe they fell in love more than 4 decades ago?

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George and Laura met at a barbecue party of their mutual friend. At the same moment, the lovebirds understood they belong together.

Laura Bush recalled that wonderful time:

I kind of think it was love at first sight.

After just 3 months of dating, George proposed. Laura didn’t hesitate long to say “yes.” On November 5, 1977, the couple got married.

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George and Laura have two wonderful daughters together, Jenna and Barbara. By the way, a month ago, Barbara Bush also got married to her long-time boyfriend, Craig Coyne.

Her proud dad George walked his beautiful daughter down the aisle, while her mother Laura couldn’t hold back happy tears.

Our warmest wishes to this incredible couple, George and Laura Bush. Wishing them to celebrate many other anniversaries together.

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