“My Little Angel:” Doting Dad Andrea Bocelli Recalls The Sweet Moment He First Held His Baby Daughter In His Arms

October 23, 2018

Andrea Bocelli is a vivid example of a person who proves that it is possible to live the full life even with a disability. His successful career and wonderful family say it all.

Doting dad Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli can definitely call himself a happy man. The world-famous Italian singer is married to a wonderful woman and raises three children.

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Though Bocelli lost his sight at the age of 12 after a football accident, it didn’t stop him to become one of the greatest tenors of our time.

Andrea has two sons from his first marriage, however, he always dreamed to have a daughter. His second wife Veronica helped make his dream come true. In 2012, the couple welcomed a sweet baby girl, Virginia.

When Bocelli first held his daughter in his arms and sang to her a song from the opera “Romeo and Juliette,” he realized what real happiness means.

The singer calls little Virginia “an angel, a product of a love story.” Nothing is more special than a bond between the father and his daughter.

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“Gift from God”

Bocelli doesn’t like to talk about his blindness during interviews. Instead, he focuses on what he loves most of all – music. The singer believes his voice is “a gift from God.”

He added:

And not only the voice — everything is. My life experience has taught me nothing happens by chance. 

However, the biggest blessing of his life is even not the music, but his loving family. When you have someone to devote your greatest songs to, you can consider yourself a happy person. That’s exactly the truth about incredible and one-of-the-kind Andrea Bocelli.

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