“Shame On Her!” Meghan Markle Is Slammed For Wearing A ‘Naked Dress’ And Showing Too Much Skin

October 23, 2018 13:44

Duchess Meghan is under fire for stepping out in an inappropriate dress during a recent event. Did Megan show off too much of the naked body?


Meghan Markle slammed for wearing a ‘naked dress’

When you are a member of the royal family, you get used to being in the public eyes all the time. Meghan Markle seems to cope with her royal duties on A+, but her recent outfit choice was not the best one for the Duchess.

Royal watchers shame Meghan for wearing an inappropriate dress and showing too much skin while she and Harry paid a visit to Australia’s Fraser Island on Monday.

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It was hot outside, and pregnant Duchess wore a light maxi dress with a slit all the way up to her thigh. A lot of people on social media suggested that Meghan’s dress choice was too much for the royal:

Wear that if you’re in a private holiday!

Another commenter accused Meghan of ruining the reputation of the royal family.

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She is going to end up as another Fergie who was so popular in the beginning but so unpopular after a few months of mistakes.

Others started to defend the Duchess

Not all the comments were so negative. Meghan’s devoted fans started to defend the mom-to-be and stressed that other royal women also had awkward outing moments.

Maybe, Meghan’s dress was indeed a bit frivolous for the official engagement but, on the other hand, she’s expecting a baby. Isn’t that an excuse for wearing comfortable clothes?

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