Warren Beatty's 24-Year-Old Son Is All Grown Up And Looks Like A Copy Of His Handsome Father


November 13, 2018 14:50 By Fabiosa

Warren Beatty belongs to that type of men able to steal every woman’s heart with his one look. But Warren is not the only heartthrob in the family. His 24-year-old son Benjamin is all grown up now and looks like a copy of his famous father.


Father and son: a striking resemblance

People often say: The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. This proverb definitely makes sense for Warren Beatty and his son Benjamin.

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Warren and his charming wife, Annette Bening, have four children: two sons and two daughters. Benjamin is the middle child in the family. He is 24.



Just like his famous dad, Ben chose the career of an actor. But their exceptional talent is not the only thing the father and son have in common. Only a blind won’t notice a striking resemblance between both men.

The first eye-catching thing is Warren and Benjamin’s magnetic look able to make female hearts beat faster. And, of course, who can resist their charming smile and mesmerizing voice?


Good genres played a big role for the men in this family. Wow! And again Wow! That’s the only thing we can say.

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Warren Beatty shares his parenting tips

Being a successful actor, a good husband, and a caring father at one place is not so easy, but Warren Beatty managed to deal with all this on A+.


In one of his interviews, Beatty said:

I'm an attentive father. I have to struggle somewhat not to be overly attentive. It's a burden to be the child of not only one famous parent, but two.


When their eldest son, Stephen Ira, (born Kathlyn) made a heartbreaking decision to change his gender, it was not easy for Warren and Annette to accept this choice. But initially, they supported Stephen and understood his decision. Annette even said she felt extremely proud of her son’s courage.

Warren Beatty is a happy man as he has a wonderful and loving family. Agree it’s the greatest treasure in life.

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