Inside Look At The Private Family Life Of A ‘Good Doctor’ Star Daniel Dae Kim: 25 Years Of Happy Marriage And Two Kids


April 11, 2019 16:21 By Fabiosa

Lasting marriages are not so typical in Hollywood, but there are some rare exceptions. For the Good Doctor star, Daniel Dae Kim, his 25-year happy marriage is something he worked so hard for. Is there any secret how to keep relationships strong after 25 years and 2 kids? Let’s find out.

25 years together and counting!

Daniel Dae Kim knows the value of a good marriage. The actor is happily married for 25 years and counting.

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Daniel got married to Mia Haeyoung Rhee soon after they started dating. Despite his super busy schedule, ‘Good Doctor’ Kim always makes his family his major priority.

There was a lasting period in his life when Kim had to split between New York, LA, and Hawaii because of shooting. Any other woman might be mad if her husband had such a busy schedule, but not Mia. She was and will always be Daniel’s biggest supporter and companion for life.

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The spouses do not often appear in public together. Instead, they prefer spending some quality time inside the family.

Happy family

Daniel and Mia are the proud parents of two sons – Jackson and Zander. When the Hawaii Five-0 star shares rare photos with his kids, it’s hard not to notice their striking resemblance.

Daniel jokingly talks about his sons:

So fortunate and proud to be dad to these once kolohes (rascals), now fine young men.

How to keep a relationship strong

When celebrity couples are happily married for many years, fans always wonder about their particular secret.

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As for Daniel and Mia, it’s actually pretty simple. The Good Doctor star shares his thoughts on this matter:

There is as much wisdom in listening as there is in speaking - and that goes for all relationships, not just romantic ones.

Golden words!

We wish Daniel Dae Kim and his charming wife, Mia, to keep their love strong for many long years and celebrate, at least, 50 more anniversaries together.

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