Important Update On Neil Diamond’s Health: Will The Singer Return To The Stage After Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis?


March 13, 2019 14:33 By Fabiosa

Neil Diamond shared an important update on his health amid battling Parkinson’s disease. Does Neil still plan to retire from the stage forever?

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Neil Diamond revealed his life-changing diagnosis

One of the greatest singers of our century, Neil Diamond, revealed he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in January 2018.

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At that time, Neil was in the mid of his 50th-anniversary tour but he had to cancel a series of concerts due to his health condition. Further, the singer’s representatives released a statement, saying that Diamond is retiring from stage to focus on his health instead.

The singer sincerely apologized to his fans for the concerts’ cancellation and asked for their understanding.

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Any hope for return?

A year after Neil’s diagnosis was revealed, the star shared an important update on his health, saying:

I’m feeling better every day.

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He also added:

Just dealing with it as best I can, and just keep the music coming.

Does it sound like a chance that fans will see Neil Diamond on the scene again? The singer didn’t get any promises, however, he confessed that he missed live performances very much.

I love the chemistry with the audience and myself. That’s part of the thrill of the whole thing. 

Going through the dark times

Unfortunately, sometimes we all go through the dark times. For Neil Diamond, it happened when he lost his beloved mother in February 2019.

Neil revealed the sad news via a tearful post by sharing his mom Rose’s photo alongside a heartbreaking message.

I wept when it was all done/ For being done too soon. I miss you already, Mom.

Neil Diamond knows firsthand what it feels like to battle disease and to deal with the passing of his loved one. But what we love and admire the singer for - is that he never loses hope in the better and inspires others to do the same thing.  Only a person of strong will is capable of doing this.

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