Chrissy Teigen Is Mom-Shamed Again For Exposing Her 2-Year-Old To "An Extremely Dangerous Insect"

July 30, 2018

Whenever Chrissy Teigen posts a new picture or video, her followers are quick to react. Most of the time, these reactions are along the lines of “aww” and “how cute”, but this time, Chrissy had her fans freaking out.

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In the latest video she posted on Twitter, Chrissy lets a “nice bug” sit on her arm, and her young daughter Luna is watching excitedly. Chrissy rightly captioned the video with “I swear to god if one of you tells me this is a deadly bug I will vomit”.

Chrissy’s subscribers rushed to the comment section to suggest that the bug in question is a tarantula hawk, the type of spider wasp known for its extremely painful stings. The good thing is, this insect’s stings aren’t deadly (but they can be, if you’re allergic).

Chrissy realized her mistake, and her ensuing reaction was hilarious, as always.

The actual entomologists who were asked to identify the bug by The Washington Post aren’t sure what this insect is. Gwen Pearson, educational outreach coordinator for the Purdue Department of Entomology, said it’s unclear from the video what the insect is, but it’s more likely to be a paper wasp but not a tarantula hawk.

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Sander Freitas /

James Pitts, a biology professor at Utah State University, said the bug is likely to be a predator or scavenger wasp, which don’t pose a threat to people who aren’t allergic.

So, we can’t know for sure what this creature is. Anyways, Chrissy now knows not to let unknown, potentially dangerous bugs sit on her, especially if her young daughter is around. Lesson learned, good for her!

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